Green Hydrogen Refueling in Hydrogen Car Started in Nepal

Green Hydrogen in Nepal

For the 1st time in the history of Nepal, Green Hydrogen refueling of Hydrogen Car has started from today. After successful testing of the refueling station established by Green Hydrogen Lab at Kathmandu University (KU), refueling of cars has been started.

Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa, the project leader of Green Hydrogen Lab, KU says “History is made as Green Hydrogen refueling in the hydrogen car has started. Today is the hydrogen day for the country.” He also mentioned about designing a green hydrogen refueling station capable of refueling 30 to 35 vehicles every day in future.

Source: Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa, Green Hydrogen Lab, Kathmandu University

He also informed about organizing a program soon for formal inauguration of this refueling station. In addition, he also mentioned about directing his focus on the commercial use of hydrogen and collaboration with government in the necessary policy making work for that.

Kathmandu University (KU) and Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) jointly conducted a study project on how the transportation sector of Nepal can be transformed using hydrogen as fuel. Under this project, the hydrogen car and the refueling station was brought to the Green Hydrogen Lab at KU and installed followed by successful testing.

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