Electrical Engineer Vacancy at Yak Brewing Company Pvt. Ltd.

electrical engineer vacancy at yak brewing company

Yak Brewing Pvt. Ltd., a beer manufacturing company with an outstanding portfolio of premium brands such as Barahsinghe, Pilsner, Dunkel Weizen, and Himalayan Falcon is now seeking an Electrical Engineer to join their team.

1. Position

Electrical Engineer

2. Department

Maintenance & Engineering

3. Work Location

Kurintar, Chitwan

4. Salary & Other Benefits


5. Requirements

Number :

One (1)

Qualification :

  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
  • At least 2 yrs of experience in Industrial Sector

Job Responsibilities :

  • Quick response to all major & minor Machinery breakdown throughout the plant.
  • Troubleshooting of various Instruments, sensors, Electrical power and control circuit, and field connected devices etc. with different approach of troubleshooting.
  • Access the PLC and SCADA whenever required and develop some new program wherever required to facilitate day to day operation.
  • Conduct the routine calibration of the measuring devices like flow meter, switches, gauges, transmitters etc.
  • Install and maintain wiring, control and all lighting system in proper way throughout the plant and building premises.
  • Inspect electrical Component such as transformer and circuit breakers, LT & HT line component and ensure each section in healthy condition.
  • Identify the electrical problems with variety of testing devices.
  • Repair or replace wiring, equipment or fixtures using hand tools and power tools.
  • Layout of cables for power, control & communication where ever required.
  • Conduct timely checks of all backup systems throughout the plant and prepare the report of the same.
  • Conduct the schedule test for Earthing System and maintain it within acceptable range.
  • Conduct electrical audit throughout the plant and close all gaps.
  • Follow the shift schedule as per requirements.
  • Preparation of daily Reports like-Diesel consumption report, energy consumption report, machinery Checklist, Daily preventive checklist for PCC & MCC panels
  • Other tasks as assigned by the supervisors.

6. How To Apply

To apply for this position, please submit your updated resume via email to vacancy@yetidistillery.com or hr@yakbrewing.com


Apply from below “APPLY NOW!!!” button.

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